A Precious Reaping from the Fields of Blood

by Bubonic Wrath

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Recorded at Wangs of Steel Studios in Tucson, Arizona June/July 2014


released 28 July 2014

Bubonic Wrath is:
Marcos Camacho
Chris Kelly

Guest musicians and Staff:
Tony Howard - Vocals and lyrics on Rabid Capitoline
Tyler Sherrill - Intro on Reign of Narcissus
John Yelland - Spoken German
Napalm Strike - Group Vocals

Chad Bill Anderson - Mixing/Mastering


tags: metal Tucson


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Bubonic Wrath Tucson, Arizona

Started as a side project by Chris Kelly in 2005, Bubonic Wrath has lazily been "hard" at work for nearly 8 years. Started as a 100% solo effort which saw such releases as 2010's "Swallowing this World of Rot", Chris decided to find additional members who would be a good fit. Lead guitarist Marcos Camacho joined the fold in 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Reign Of Narcissus/Shamhat
Reign of Narcissus: Instrumental

Ye ol’ wretched cunt, your poison runs down my throat corrupting all that I am
Accepting your inherent commands, I follow your deceit into a foul abyss

Soul crushed, eyes burned, living in desolate tones
Fear directs, Clout ends, pus seeping from self-inflicted-wounds
Denied will, wasted life, for pleasure alone I live
A sentence of yearning from the Whore of all Myths

Ye ol’ masterful witch, distracting me with aesthetics, your malevolent force rapes my head.
To your death cult I follow, leaving behind my self and desires to reach a state of content.

Strength crushed, passion smashed, like timid prey I await my time
Claws ripped, Arid power, never shall I return to the wild
Denied life, wasted gains, slowly rotting towards chaos
A sentence of Death, a gift from the Bitch of the West.
Track Name: Capricious Mass
Let terror take it's hold
Defense always has a worthy price in eyes covered with fear

Crush them scum with vigor
Remains black and still hot, a smoldering tribute to excess

For there is only red stained sand
where there could be glass
Never to rape the fertile
When only the pests are seeked

Capricious Mass
Capricious Mass
Capricious Mass
Capricious Mass

Let those incessant schouls pass
Forget these century old lessons and fall back to Eden with shame

Keep failed agendas at hand
Supply force for fledgling gods and fulfil their destiny of ruin

For there is only shit and failure
A vicious cycle for us fools
Reigning ineptitude corrodes all vision
The dust of future fills the gaping holes

Capricious Mass

Sensationalist flock ruled by emotions
All reason thrown to the wolves
Righteous swine ruled by tradition
forgetting the history of rot

Pompous race blinded by triumphs
Toxins rule the consensus
Ignorant breed held down by failure
Development is a game for clowns

As if your judgement amounts
Be the hero of a tribe and ignore all senses

Gaining a place in the universe
Because this life will mean nothing in the glorious end

For there is only hope and disaster
Never shall we win the fight
This rancid mother will swallow us all
and only our steel will remain

Capricious Mass
Capricious Mass
Capricious Mass
Capricious Mass
Track Name: Rabid Capitoline
The blood red sun fades away
On a mockery of what the world used to be
Mankind is now fodder
For the rabid beast

If there was ever a cause for hope
It died long ago
By our wolven mother
We praise her virtues
As she goes for the throat

I forever scorn our glorious "progress"
Marked deep, by red in tooth and claw
Every church and mass grave a monument
To the humanity we lost
The day will come all too soon
When we must shake off the dust and rot
Awaken from our slumber
And put our blade through her heart
Subservient for far too long
My heart weeps with disgust
A bestial wasteland
Masquerading as "civilization"
Has gone on long enough

Rabid Capitoline
Our greatest comfort
Rabid Capitoline
The source of all our fears
Rabid Capitoline
The great beast's end is near
The great beast's end is near
Track Name: A Curse from an Old World
Oh, Pneumonic force, shred the shields
these fortifications that keep you at bay
Release your diminutive assailants
commence the long and warranted slaughter

Revel in grand triumph
as the pillars of man crumble
Transgress upon this race
Leave only rot across the land

Reemerge as the conqueror, endow us with extinction
Anything to end this scourge, to wipe away these rotten herds
Bring upon disease and satisfy the order
Ignite your flames of pestilence and devour all

Among cloaked forces
crush the revolt against indigeneity
End the hubris conceived
in this long absence

Relive the old glory
build strength through conjugation
With your immortal power
dominate with impartial fury

Reemerge as the conqueror, endow us with extinction
Anything to end this scourge, to wipe away these rotten herds
Bring upon disease and satisfy the order
Ignite your flames of pestilence and devour all

"Ihr habt den Weg vom Wurme zum Menschen gemacht, und vieles ist in euch noch Wurm. "
-Friedrich Nietzsche